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The accommodation

A tip to all who wish to follow in my footsteps and receive HSCT in Cape Town, South Africa: book your accommodation early! Even though it was more than 2 months prior to our arrival that we started looking at accommodation, we only just finalized it, after many replies of ‘Fully booked’. Cape Town is […]

The schedule

This is what my treatment schedule looks like for now: DATE DESCRIPTION 29/10/2012 Visit to the Clinic, Safety Bloods, Cardiac Assessment, Lung Function 30/10/2012 Insertion of Hickman Line, Admit for Pre-hydration 31/10/2012 Cyclophosphamide 60 mg/kg x 2 days 05/11/2012 Start Neupogen 300 ug BD x 10 days 12/11/2012 Attend to clinic for FBC 14/11/2012 Collection […]