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The Preparation

In less than a month, I will be starting my treatment. Before that, there are a lot of preparation to do and things to get in order.

So far, we have:

  • Booked the accomodation
  • Payed the doctor and the hospital
  • Booked the plane tickets
  • Booked the rental car

In process is my pre treatment dental check up; I saw the dentist yesterday and he filled 2 cavities, I have to go back for number 3 soon.

Still to do:

  • Buy my “necessities” – disinfectant, latex gloves, plastic bubble… things to keep me safe from the world.
  • Go for liver function test – one of the medications I took (Sirdalud) can do a real number on the liver, so we need to check if there has been any damage done.
  • Wrap things up at work, as I foresee a 4 month leave of absence.
  • I also want to document my condition as it is now so that I will have a point of reference to compare it to.

Besides the couple of things still on my list, I am feeling excited and looking forward to Cape Town!


One comment on “The Preparation

  1. You will need a haircut too. I am sure lots of fotos will be taken….. You must be so excited!!! I know I am for you.

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