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Hickman line and Day one of Chemo

Yesterday was a day of misunderstandings and miscommunications. It all started when they told me I had to report to the hospital at 10am for my Hickman line. So at 7 I got up and had some coffee with my parents when we received a call from the hospital telling us that we should come […]

Pre treatment tests and meeting the professor

Today, I started with my pre treatment tests. First I had my lung function test with Professor Willcox where I had to blow and blow into a tube until he was satisfied my lungs will hold up to the strains that the chemo will place on my body. So far, so good, I managed to […]

Bernard & Corli’s Big Adventure: Day 4

Sunday was the last day I spent with Corli, and fun was had by all. We went to visit her family outside of Malmesbury, a part of South Africa’s Swart Land wine district. Erica and Anthony have a boutique winery called Franki’s. They opened their home to me as well as some of their choice […]

Bernard & Corli’s Big Adventure: Day 3

Today was a sad day for me as I had to let Corli go back to her husband. Luckily, I have the memories of this weekend to last me a lifetime! Today, I will be covering yesterday, tomorrow today, and also my initial appointment with Prof Novitsky. Yesterday we drove to the other side of […]

Bernard & Corli’s Big Adventure: Day 2

First off, my apologies for the delay to my avid readers, but here it is. Yesterday we continued our awesome spree with an early(ish) trip to what is referred to as the Bo Kaap (literally Up Cape), a traditionally Cape Malay / Muslim area known for its brightly painted houses and vibrant culture. We visited […]

MRI, Corli, beer and pizza

Yesterday morning I had my MRI at Vincent Palloti hospital where I bonded with the tech over Saudi where she also worked. Afterwards, we went food shopping. Or actually my parents shopped while I found a coffee shop to pass the time and enjoy some coffee. 2PM saw the arrival of Corli, my awesome friend […]

Dammam to Dubai, Dubai to Cape Town

They must have heard of my imminent celebrity status at the airports, for at the mention of my name queues were jumped and doors were opened. Granted, the opening of doors was to enable my wheelchair to go through, but going past the line of waiting passengers to the very front and getting special treatment […]