The countdown continues

My necessities have been bought – enough to sterilize even the dirtiest of places.
My liver function test has been done  – no red flags and as healthy as can be.
My MS has been documented – blog post to follow soon.
My teeth have been fixed.

Only 2 things left to do:

Wrap things up at work and wait for these last 7 days to pass. Luckily the first will help with the second. See you soon Cape Town!


4 comments on “The countdown continues

  1. hey, this is Steven here. (TryingNewThing from GS) I’m so glad you’re in high spirit! I hope things turn out well for you; you of all people, deserve better 😀

  2. Hey man, Omar here. You probably don’t remember me but we met once way back in the days in Saudi. Anyway, I saw your wordpress posts pop up on my news feed and I wanted to wish you a smooth recovery. Your attitude here on WordPress is inspiring and gives me a reason to be proud of our messed up race ;)! Get well soon 😀

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