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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

After an unexpected operation and a week in hospital, I (Bernard’s mother) have been discharged from hospital last night. Not really myself yet, but I need to concentrate on the most important time of our life.

Very excited for Bernard for the greatest and biggest moment of his life are so close!!  Like a child he counts the day’s one by one. Every day he updates his TO DO LIST to me.

….. But then while I was in the hospital he picks up a germ ……

Sunday morning:  a little bump in the road!!!!
High fever, no smile, no Bernard!! A quick rush to ER: IV, antibiotic and pain medication.  Acute, throat infection.
Like a little boy he sleeps with his mommy today. Like Amy Peterson said: I wish everyone could have a buddy to go through with. Today we proofed it, mother and son!!! We took the lemons, squeeze it and filled our glasses with the sweetest LEMONADE!!!


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