And we are out of here!

The big day of leaving has arrived! Today was spent intermittently packing and resting as I am not yet completely free of my “acute throat infection.”

Here is my suitcase with my precautionary measures.

Me taking a rest from packing, or at least supervising as my mother packs.

Now we are spending some last minutes with my sister and her family. Soon the driver will pick us to take us to the airport. From there it’s a short flight to Dubai, and from there, 9 hours until Cape Town!


4 comments on “And we are out of here!

  1. Baie Baie sterkte en ons glo en vertrou dat dit als goed sal verloop. In die goeie en swaar tye, byt vas en weet dat sooo baie mense jo opdra aan die Here dat Hy daar sal wees om jo te dra, (die) moed te gee en jo in sy liefde en beskerming sal styf vashou dat jy nooi alleen of bang sal wees ni. Baie liefde en sterkte en ons volg jo blog. Xxx Pieter en Vickey

  2. Sterkte !ernie . Ons bid vir jou dat alles klop disselboom sal gaan .lovies Petro. Jou ou nig

  3. Oom Bernie sterkte met oom se operasie. Ruben

  4. Hope all the best will keep you in our duahs/prayers,Ameen.

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