Dammam to Dubai, Dubai to Cape Town

They must have heard of my imminent celebrity status at the airports, for at the mention of my name queues were jumped and doors were opened. Granted, the opening of doors was to enable my wheelchair to go through, but going past the line of waiting passengers to the very front and getting special treatment did give me a taste of the world of the privileged few. Dammam to Dubai was a quick hour and a half flight spent sleeping.

Again in Dubai we had assistants awaiting our disembarkment to whizz us through the security checks to take us to the lounge. It all happened in such a short time that at one stage I was split up from my parents. I was browsing in the gift shop and my father was getting us coffee when the porter came to fetch us to take us to the terminal for boarding. A quick bag count revealed one missing – my laptop! Turns out that in that instant I was split up from my parents assumptions were made – I assumed my parents had my laptop and they assumed I had it. On our way back to the scanners, I was filled with the sadness of loss at my data and all my movies I intend to watch whilst in hospital. But there was something else, something akin to excitement at the prospect of a new laptop. When we reached the now deserted security area we found my laptop, alone and scared, on the x-ray table.

Detour aside; we rushed to our gate to find them boarding already. So we boarded, strapped ourselves in and spent the next 9 hours trying to sleep or trying to focus on a movie. Not much can be said about the Emirates flight crew that is bad; they were friendly and efficient. When we landed in Cape Town we found that our luggage did not receive the same VIP treatment and we had to wait some time before I got my own wheelchair back. The car rental was a nightmare of itself, but we eventually got a car that fitted all our luggage.

Our accommodation is a cute two bedroom house – not big, but bigger than a hotel room would be. But more on that later.

Right now I am enjoying the crisp sea breeze, a warm cup of coffee and soon my breakfast before going for my MRI. Thank you all for your support and inspirational messages, they are greatly appreciated!


2 comments on “Dammam to Dubai, Dubai to Cape Town

  1. You are doing it!! Woo hoo!! Take in every moment for all it is worth. You will never get an adventure like this again!

  2. Ek is mal oor jou skryfstyl! Dankie dat jy dit vir die leser lekker maak op jou ” journey”. Hoor later van meer…….

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