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MRI, Corli, beer and pizza

Yesterday morning I had my MRI at Vincent Palloti hospital where I bonded with the tech over Saudi where she also worked. Afterwards, we went food shopping. Or actually my parents shopped while I found a coffee shop to pass the time and enjoy some coffee.

2PM saw the arrival of Corli, my awesome friend and partner in crime for this weekend. She flew in from Pretoria just to spend a little time with me before my treatment, isn’t that nice? (Izak, thank you for letting me borrow your wife!)

At 4:30 we rushed to a wine tasting and tried to be there at 5, through traffic, road works and pedestrians. We arrived promptly at 5:15, only to be told we were 45 minutes early. I guess I had the time wrong. At least we got to have some of &Union’s delicious craft beer before tasting the wine they showcased this week from Dornier. During the tasting we got to talking with the cellar manager and at the mention of Corli’s brother also studying Viticulture we received an invitation to visit the estate at Stellenbosch today.

Me and my craftBeer

After a quick chat with an art gallery manager (and receiving an invitation) we set off to taste the best pizza in Cape Town at Burrata. We had great pizza, but also had some wonderful antipasti and a light, frothy zabaglione.

My pizza: truffle spread, mozzarella, mushroom and prosciutto

Corli’s: m ozzarella, mushroom, caramelised onion, goats cheese and cherry tomatoes

And we still haven’t taken a photo of the two of us, but we will today.


One comment on “MRI, Corli, beer and pizza

  1. Visit Dornier’s website for some more info on the wines

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