Bernard & Corli’s Big Adventure: Day 2

First off, my apologies for the delay to my avid readers, but here it is.

Yesterday we continued our awesome spree with an early(ish) trip to what is referred to as the Bo Kaap (literally Up Cape), a traditionally Cape Malay / Muslim area known for its brightly painted houses and vibrant culture. We visited a coffee shop and art gallery, Haas (Rabbit), that had the coolest stuff and amazing coffee and food. There were stunning paintings and prints, beautiful sculptures and divine brick-a-brack (like an engraved crocodile skull). We also had Kopi Luwak, regarded as the world’s best coffee. Pretty darn great in my opinion.

Next up we went to Truth’s brand new headquarters to see the amazing interior design and taste some more coffee. Their coffee is truly remarkable, even compared to Kopi Luwak, and the interior was beautifully designed by Haldane Martin. As we were leaving, I visited the loo. They had a “wheelchair friendly” stall but it was everything but! So I got up out of my wheelchair and finished my business. When I opened the stall door, Corli was talking to a woman who turned out to be Natasha the manager. As I was their first four-wheeled customer, she wanted to find out if I found it OK, thoughts, suggestions etc. After a lengthy conversation in the middle of the restroom we moved to a more suitable location where I could be served yummy biscotti while Corli explained about codes, drew diagrams and stuff that she as a trained architect would know. All the time Natasha was asking questions, suggesting possible solutions and eventually taking down our contact details. I am really looking forward to visiting them again for some more coffee, delicious biscotti and to see what the new and improved restroom will look like.

Next we went to visit Jeanine at Dornier for our promised cellar tour. I have never before been to the estate and Corli’s descriptions of the natural beauty did not prepare me for what I saw. This photo also does not do it justice as you need the sounds, the smells and the taste of one of their remarkable wines to fully appreciate it.

Corli’s brother Gerhard and his ladyfriend Femke joined us for the tour and to taste some more wines. The cellar tour was pretty special and as it was only the four of us she shared some cool info with us.

Afterwards, we went deeper into Stellenbosch for The Fizz Festival, a showcase of the best sparkling wines South Africa has to offer. We were also joined by Corli’s friend Anje and the five of us had a mighty good time. We had some great sparkling wine and also a wide variety of local food to choose from.

Today, the adventure continues!


2 comments on “Bernard & Corli’s Big Adventure: Day 2

  1. Awesome superman print en die wynland lyk so rustig…wish I was there 🙂

  2. Hi Bernard, die Kaap bly darem maar mooi ne! So lekker jy het n vriendin daar om dit met jou te deel! Sterkte met die week se voorbereidings, ons dink baie aan julle, jy lyk so mooi en positief, groete aan jou ma en pa, ons gesels weer, groete van o Org, Jaco en Elica xx

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