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Bernard & Corli’s Big Adventure: Day 3

Today was a sad day for me as I had to let Corli go back to her husband. Luckily, I have the memories of this weekend to last me a lifetime! Today, I will be covering yesterday, tomorrow today, and also my initial appointment with Prof Novitsky.

Yesterday we drove to the other side of Table Mountain to see the sights, go to the beach and have breakfast in Camps Bay. The beauty of the mountain side is overwhelming. I kept forgetting to take photos as I was so awestruck. The side of the mountain is a nice fresh green, contrasting nicely with the ice blue of the sky. We had difficulty finding a parking spot close by the restaurants so breakfast turned into lunch, but it also gave us some more time to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

We eventually found a parking and had our lunch at zenzero whilst enjoying a nice view of the beach across the road.

After lunch, we crossed the road onto the beach where they were kind enough to have a concrete pathway onto the sand, so I too could view the sun kissed bodies of the beautiful people frolicking in the surf and playing volleyball on the beach.

After Camps bay we drove all along the coast to the V&A Waterfront where we saw this big ship moored. We also did some shopping, buying me some hats to protect my noggin from the sun.

At a bar to have something cold to drink and something to nibble on, we found out that the hats should have been bought earlier along with some sunscreen. I was turning a bright red! We decided to head home for me to tend to my sunburn and have a bit of a rest before heading out for the night. We never did, we spent the evening at home with my parents, having some rotisserie chicken, garlic bread, fresh salads and an early night in bed.


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