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Bernard & Corli’s Big Adventure: Day 4

Sunday was the last day I spent with Corli, and fun was had by all. We went to visit her family outside of Malmesbury, a part of South Africa’s Swart Land wine district. Erica and Anthony have a boutique winery called Franki’s. They opened their home to me as well as some of their choice wines. Corli helped Erica prepare us a delicious traditional South African braai (barbeque).

After dinner, Erica took us for a drive around the farm, showing us their guest houses and the vineyards. There Erica gave us a very informative lesson on the 3 varieties of wine grape they planted. We got to see the cellar and bottling room where Erica gave me 3 bottles of wine, which I look forward to enjoying after my stem cell harvest.
Later, Anthony showed us his impressive vintage car collection, mostly one of a kind or with a distinct South African racing history.

Finally the time came when we had to say our thank yous and goodbyes and start the long drive home. After 20 minutes in the car, I fell asleep only to wake up 20 minutes before reaching home. There Corli had to pack, say a tearful good bye (on my side) and head for the airport.

It really was an amazing 4 days, with a lot of weird and wonderful experiences that I will never forget. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to visit me, for schlepping my wheelchair about and being willing to share a room with me.


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