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Pre treatment tests and meeting the professor

Today, I started with my pre treatment tests. First I had my lung function test with Professor Willcox where I had to blow and blow into a tube until he was satisfied my lungs will hold up to the strains that the chemo will place on my body. So far, so good, I managed to pass the first hurdle.

Next was the ECG with Karien. We had a great chat; her son is about my age and also a web designer/developer. She also gave me the all clear, saying that I do have a heart and it is in perfect working condition.

After that I had time to go home for a quick nap and we went to the bank to try and sort out some issues before going back to the hospital for my appointment with professor Novitzky.

But first I had to stop by the Chemo Outpatient Clinic to meet Olivia, the lovely lady who took my blood for a full blood count and also for safety bloods. She was full of life and light as she showed me where they will do the apheresis in about 2 weeks time and as she posed with me for a photo.

The big moment has arrived, I got to meet the great Professor Novitsky. In a word, WOW. He took us (my parents and I) through the process of HSCT, he explained the risks and he told us about the precautionary measures to take. He gave me a thorough examination and he took my medical history, every time I was in hospital and every ailment I ever had. He spoke with confidence and set me at ease that he is more than capable of performing this treatment!

Tomorrow I have to report for the insertion of my Hickman line, admit me to hospital and pre hydrate me for the 2 days of chemo to follow.


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