Hickman line and Day one of Chemo

Yesterday was a day of misunderstandings and miscommunications. It all started when they told me I had to report to the hospital at 10am for my Hickman line. So at 7 I got up and had some coffee with my parents when we received a call from the hospital telling us that we should come in immediately for my consultation with the surgeon. So I downed my coffee and headed for the hospital. Bad call on the coffee, they did not mention that an anesthesiologist would be involved. So we postponed the insertion for a couple of hours while I enjoyed my view.

Finally I was ready for my Hickman, the whole surgical team was full of smiles and made jokes and before I could even moan about the cold of the anesthesia I was out for the count. When I came to I was tired and disorientated but I had a cool new toy to play with.

My neck is still stiff and sore, but the Prof says that’s where they anchored the Hickman to a muscle and that this too will pass.

I am currently in high care isolation, a ward with 3 walled off cubicles. Once one becomes accustomed to the rhythm of the nurses and their duties, one can get a lot of sleep in.

Today, I had a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs, mince and toast, after which I was told to brush my teeth and rinse with the medicine they gave me. I also have to take Citric soda 4 times a day to control my body’s PH. After breakfast it was lunch time again; crumbed calamari, rice and vegetables with soup and tapioca pudding. The food here is the best hospital food ever!

Somewhere during the day they infused me with cortisone, chemo and who knows what else, but it is all to make me better.

Oh, almost forgot about Mrs. Hurley, my next door neighbour for half a day, (undergoing chemotherapy) She is a 90 year old British woman who refuses to spend a night away from her husband, being married for 63 years. In our conversations through the wall, I found out that she has 4 children, 16 grand children and so far 12 great grand children. My hat off to you Mrs. Hurley. May God bless you!

For dinner I just had soup, lasagna and mixed vegetables.


4 comments on “Hickman line and Day one of Chemo

  1. Okay here is the chemist giving you a lecture. It is pH not PH. If you need more detail then just ask.

    Good luck, sounds like you will get fat in hospital! Love from Erica

  2. Strongs Cuz, I take my hat of to you. You are an inspiration. Love you lots

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