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Day +1 A new life

Today was the first day of my new life and it started out well. Everything went well until lunch. I had just finished eating when I vomited it all up. So instead I had some protein shakes and kept that down. I even had my physio session, did 10 minutes on the bicycle. I thought […]

Day 0 – Stem cell transplant

Tuesday morning, a beautiful day in Cape Town. The sun is shining and it is the ideal weather for a day on the beach. There is however a more important event scheduled for me than spending the day on the beach. My new life is starting!! Dr. van Niekerk (Prof. Novitsky’s assistant) and a sister […]

Over the weekend

The weekend was non eventful until last night in the sense that not much happened other than the normal change of drugs. Friday: Day 5 of chemo – Last day of Melphalan. Saturday: Day 6 of chemo – First day of Cyclophosphamide (the chemo that gave me the hick ups last time) and ATG Fresinius […]

Day 1 of Melphalan; day 4 of chemo

Got my first negative comment from Prof Novitzky today; he said that I am excreting in excess of 7 liters fluid each day and that to avoid flushing away my kidneys, I should cut back on my non essential, non nutritional fluids. After 3 days of chemo, my WBC dropped from 23 000 to 13 […]

Final day of Busulfex!

My days are starting to pick up a sense of routine: After about 6 solid hours of sleep, I wake up at 5 for them to do my IVs At 6 I get coffee and my nebulizer, as well as have my vitals taken; temperature (highest yet was 37.0), Blood Pressure (steady at 110/70) pulse […]

Day 2 of Busulfex

Update for yesterday, day 2 of Busulfex Prof Novitzky visited, checked my legs and lungs, prescribed saline nebulizer just to keep the mucus layers nice and clammy for prevention. Discussed my white blood count for the first time, he is happy that it went up 9 fold normal values and also happy that it came […]

First day of Busulfex

So much has happened today, I hope I can remember all and put it in the order that it happened: Had an examination by Prof Novitzky; he gave me the all clear to go ahead with chemo. Due to my leg weakness, he also prohibited me from walking without the assistance of a nurse; his […]