A note of appreciation

This is just a note of appreciation to my parents, without whom I would not be able to make this. Thank you for all that you do for me, for sitting up with me when I can’t sleep, for organizing my medication, for putting up with my constant urination, for making sure my Hickman is clean and sterile. To my dad for driving me to my doctors appointments, for taking us grocery shopping and for fetching my medication. To my mom for keeping my room clean, for reminding me to brush my teeth and for cooking within the rather strict confines of my allowed food. Ek is regtig geseen deur ouers soos ma en pa te he en ek is baie lief vir ma’lle.

In other news, I am at home this weekend, only medications I am taking currently is the anti-nausea meds, antibiotics and pain medications. Will be going back to the clinic on Monday to receive instructions on the Neupogen.


2 comments on “A note of appreciation

  1. Dit is vir ons as ouers ‘n baie groot plesier om al hierdie dinge vir jou te doen en saam jou die pad te stap. Ons doen dit als omdat ons baie lief is vir jou. Baie sterkte en weet verseker dat jy nie die pad alleen stap nie. God is in beheer en Hy dra ons elkeen op arendsvlerke.

  2. Having 2 parents that clearly love you and are able to be there for you is priceless. YaY to MOM and DAD! 🙂

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