Neupogen and relaxation

I guess it is time for another update, so here it is. I am currently at home, receiving my Neopogen shots morning and evening;

Neupogen is a human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF)‚ produced by recombinant DNA technology. Or in terms I can understand – it will mobilise my bone marrow to expand inside my bones until it spills into my bloodstream, here it will be collected soon after.

5 shots down, 15 to go. So far no side effects, had hiccups again last night but that too has stopped. We have been out a couple of times, Signal hill, Rhodes Memorial and Century City. I am cautious of catching any bug, so I wear my face mask when around people and my hand sanitizer is ever present. Here’s to hoping that the next 7 days are as uninteresting as the last 2!

Signal hill

Rhodes memorial

Century city

Take care 


2 comments on “Neupogen and relaxation

  1. Hi Sweetie ,
    Rainbowmum here, I am so happy to see your smile.
    We all miss you heaps.

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