Harvest day

This morning at 4am my father woke me up for my last shot of Neupogen. I tried falling asleep, but was barely there when my alarm woke me at 6am to get bathed, fed and dressed to report to hospital at 7am. Just after my father left, the doctor (I forgot his name) came to insert my catheter into my femoral vein in my groin. He shot me a local anesthetic, waited for a while then proceeded with the cannulation and the insertion. The whole process was completed quickly and painlessly.

The nurse Zelda connected me to the aphaeresis machine and took my bloods for counts. Upon returning from the lab, she asked if I had no joint or bone pains as my white blood count was over 66 000! She switched on the machine and we waited while the bag swelled with murky brown stem cells.

At 1pm they took a sample of my stem cells for a quick count, not sure how much but they told me it was better than expected. At 2 pm Olivia and Zelda came back with the following news:

8.2 million stem cells per kilogram of body mass! The Prof was aiming for 5 million, so he is happy and I am overjoyed! So was Olivia and Zelda.

Then it was just the procedure of finishing up, taking out my line, changing my Hickman dressing and applying my pressure bandage. Now I am happy, at home and have to keep off my feet until tomorrow.


2 comments on “Harvest day

  1. An extra of 3,2 million “good” police officers. Yippieeeeee

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