Admitted for pre-hydration

I am a bit behind with my blog, I told myself I will write daily once I get admitted for pre-hydration yet I am only writing this the next day. I promise I will try to be better.

Well, I am here, checked into the Hematology Protected Environment / Isolation ward. My room is great; containing my bed, 2 side tables, a closet, a visitors chair, a recliner, a desk, a basin and a TV. Attached to it is the bathroom with a toilet and shower with convenient bench.

But what I like most: THE VIEW!

Connected to the room is a little annex one passes through into the room, I saw it briefly as they wheeled me into the room, but not allowed to go out into it. But, I am told it contains 2 fridges, closet for medical equipment, spare scrubs and a basin.

Treatment-wise I am currently receiving Saline, Heparin, Potassium Chloride and we have just started with today’s selection of chemo; Bisulfex.


4 comments on “Admitted for pre-hydration

  1. Hi Bernard
    Lookslike its got all you need ..and quite some space…And yeah not a bad view at all !

    All the best

  2. Are you getting regular parental and friends’ visits? Does it tire you?

    • Thanks for your well wishes PoA, I also can’t wait to regain what I have lost, but I do believe that there was a plan behind this and that maybe someday I will be able to pay it forward 🙂

      My parents visit me twice a day and leasing the nurses does keep me occupied and sometimes it does leave me tired, but not too bad 🙂

  3. PS are you teasing all the nurses??? 😉

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