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First day of Busulfex

So much has happened today, I hope I can remember all and put it in the order that it happened:

Had an examination by Prof Novitzky; he gave me the all clear to go ahead with chemo. Due to my leg weakness, he also prohibited me from walking without the assistance of a nurse; his logic is that the risk of a sub cranial bleed from a fall might delay the process.

Started my first day of Busulfex – so far no side effects, it can be assumed that the preventative measures are successful.

Saw the dietician today; she gave me a “meal replacement” drink to take in addition to my regular meals.

Saw the physio, she gave me an assessment and some exercises to do.

Wow, doesn’t seem like a lot has happened, but between the above, sleeping and chatting it up with the nursing staff, it was a long day. Let us hope for a good night’s sleep and then it is another day closer to re-engraftment!


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