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Final day of Busulfex!

My days are starting to pick up a sense of routine:

After about 6 solid hours of sleep, I wake up at 5 for them to do my IVs
At 6 I get coffee and my nebulizer, as well as have my vitals taken; temperature (highest yet was 37.0), Blood Pressure (steady at 110/70) pulse (75ish) blood saturation (99%) and finally they prick my finger for blood sugar level (5.6)

Mondays, Wednesday s and Fridays I first get a visit from the dietician, she is happy with my current weight and glad that I like the vanilla flavor shake that she jad sent up and will soon send up another bottle.

She is followed at 7 by Prof Novitzky who listens to my lungs, looks at my legs, asks me questions about how I am feeling and explained that tomorrow we start with the next type of chemo and if all goes to plan, next week Wednesday we re-engraft!

At 8 they do all the vitals again, plus they test the pH value of my urine – 7.

They usually draw blood from my Hickman line, but as they have 2 emergency operations, some people’s day off etc they didn’t have enough time to flush it, so a simple prick to the arm it was for my full blood counts –

8:30 Is breakfast time; they increased my portion size today yet I finished it all… am I eating too much?

9:00 They put on a bag of anti nausea meds – must be working as I am still not nauseas in the slightest!

Dr van Niekerk (Prof Novitzky’s second in charge) did a cursory exam, asked about my eating, sleeping and bowel movements, confirmed that I am currently receiving 4 doses of Busuflex a day and today is my last day of it.

Bruce (physio) was here again, forcing my bum out of bed for some much needed exercise and stretching. It has now been arranged with the ward manager that from tomorrow I will have a bicycle in my room (YEAY) but that I am only allowed to use it under supervision (aaah).

11:00 and the Busulfex is flowing!

11:30 My parents came to visit, don’t they look cute in their scrubs?

Each time they come to visit they have to take of all clothes except underwear, put these scrubs on, sanitize their hands, walk into my room’s annex, sanitize again and only then may they enter to see me.

12:00pm Lunch!!!

13:00 Nebulizer and Maxillon to keep on preventing nausea

13:00 – 13:30 I slept!

After that nothing much happened until 17:00 dinner, Hickman line dressing and shortly afterwards my parents coming for the second visit of the day.

Now my parents are gone and I am waiting for the night shift to do my vitals, give me my sleeping pill so I can wake up to one day closer to engraftment!


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