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Day 2 of Busulfex

Update for yesterday, day 2 of Busulfex

Prof Novitzky visited, checked my legs and lungs, prescribed saline nebulizer just to keep the mucus layers nice and clammy for prevention. Discussed my white blood count for the first time, he is happy that it went up 9 fold normal values and also happy that it came back down after the harvest and after we stopped the neupogen as an elevated white blood cell count can lead to other complications. He also warned me that they are giving me a medium dose of cortisone daily so I should limit my sugar intake… there goes my 2 bags of jelly tots a day… Oh well. Have to substitute it with savoury biscuits.

Got a PEEP bottle; a simple 1 liter water bottle, half filled with water, taped shat except for a piece of plastic tubing sticking out at the top. The purpose of this elegant device is to empty ones lungs of air into it so as to exercise one’s lungs in order to expel any phlegm that might build up at a later stage.

Bruce, the other physio stopped by, where Aaisha mostly focused on the upper body, Bruce had me doing leg exercises, walking up and down etc. It really is amazing how weak I got, this might be my first side effect of this round of chemo?


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