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Day 1 of Melphalan; day 4 of chemo

Got my first negative comment from Prof Novitzky today; he said that I am excreting in excess of 7 liters fluid each day and that to avoid flushing away my kidneys, I should cut back on my non essential, non nutritional fluids.

After 3 days of chemo, my WBC dropped from 23 000 to 13 000, the Prof says it is right on target!

I seem to be gaining around 0.5 kg a day, which is good.

I did a good 10 minutes on my “new” stationary bike with Bruce followed by some stretching.

At 4pm, they finally attached my chemo of the day, Melphalan, served with a glass filled with ice to suck on as not to have the mucus membrane dry out. I expected it to last a couple of hours; it was gone in 30 minutes.

It is now almost 4 hours later. In this time I ate and had a visit with my parents. At most I had a bit of a stomach cramp, but that has started before today’s chemo already. So I guess it is safe to say that so far the chemo has not left me with any horrible side effects, yeay!


One comment on “Day 1 of Melphalan; day 4 of chemo

  1. Hi bernie sterkte met die hele proses ons dink aan jou en is lief Vir jou . Jou nig Petro

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