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Over the weekend

The weekend was non eventful until last night in the sense that not much happened other than the normal change of drugs.

Friday: Day 5 of chemo – Last day of Melphalan.

Saturday: Day 6 of chemo – First day of Cyclophosphamide (the chemo that gave me the hick ups last time) and ATG Fresinius – an infusion of horse or rabbit-derived antibodies against human T cells which is used in the prevention and treatment of rejection ofstem cells.

Sunday: Day 7 of chemo – Last day of Cyclophosphamide and second day of ATG. Today I started showing some side effects, the first day of stomach cramps and what I see as loose stool but the Prof sees as diarrhea. When I mentioned it to the nurses they immediately gave me the meds Prof prescribed in this event; Maxallon, Immodium, Buscopan and Gastropect. After that I had “loose stool” twice but no serious stomach cramps. I must say, I am really impressed with the Prof’s preparedness for every eventuality!

A couple of photos:

A goofy smile at my physio Bruce

Me and my new supplement… YUM!

Me and my nebulizer

Rabbit ATG – $1000 a bottle!


One comment on “Over the weekend

  1. Sterkte bernie ons is lief vir jou. Liefde Petro

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