Day 0 – Stem cell transplant

Tuesday morning, a beautiful day in Cape Town. The sun is shining and it is the ideal weather for a day on the beach. There is however a more important event scheduled for me than spending the day on the beach.
My new life is starting!!
Dr. van Niekerk (Prof. Novitsky’s assistant) and a sister are going to execute the procedure. The required preparations are being done, the Hickman line is being flushed and the IV lines are replaced with new sterile lines and then covered with a sterile cloth to prevent possible contamination.

The 3 bags containing the stem cells are placed in a shaking bath to increase and homogenize the temperature at 37 degrees C.

Phenergan (promethazine) was administered to suppress any adverse allergic reactions to the stem cell preservation medium and my vital signs are carefully monitored.
At 11:15 am Dr. Van Niekerk starts the first bag of stem cells. Everybody is very excited and watch the progress eagerly.

Drop by drop my stem cells are being administered. No side effects are experienced and bags no’s 2 and 3 follows as smoothly.

My vital signs remained very stable throughout the procedure and Dr. Van Niekerk expressed her satisfaction with the procedure that was completed at 12:30 PM, just in time for a delicious lunch.

We, my parents and I, are very happy and thankful for the milestone that was reached today.
It is time now to relax and to allow my body to start the healing process. Yesterday and today I received blood transfusions (Leucocyte depleted, red cell concentrate) to increase my HB (currently 7.9).

A very big thank you for all the support and prayers that made the treatment possible and allowed me to reach this critical day in my life.


7 comments on “Day 0 – Stem cell transplant

  1. Happy Birthday Bernard. It is one you will never forget…:)

  2. Back to your life woo hooooo

  3. oh wow strongs…

  4. Happy Stem Cell Birthday!!!! I am so very happy for you. You are facing bad days coming very quickly, but they will pass as very quickly too. Stay strong and keep smiling because you are on your way to beating your MS forever. Take Care my friend 🙂

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