Day +1 A new life

Today was the first day of my new life and it started out well. Everything went well until lunch. I had just finished eating when I vomited it all up. So instead I had some protein shakes and kept that down. I even had my physio session, did 10 minutes on the bicycle.

I thought all was sorted; until dinner. I had not even had a bite of food, onely a sip of juice. The funny thing is that neither time I had any stomach cramps or discomfort; the vomit just came up and was there. After that I managed to eat my supper and drink a protein shake with no problem.

My blood values for this morning are:

White blood count:         1 700 ul
Red blood count:       240 000 ul
HGB:                                  7.8 g/dl
HCT:                                      22.4%
PLT:                                89 000 ul


4 comments on “Day +1 A new life

  1. I just wanted to say that you are doing a fantastic job with your blog here. I am enjoying reading all your posts and looking at all the pictures. I had my HSCT on March 27 2012 in Bangalore, India. I am doing well in my recovery, but it is a very lengthy process. I am thrilled that I am in complete remission with my MS, and I know you will also be in remission too! GREAT JOB! 🙂

    • Hi Allisa,

      I am Ravi and was diagnosed with MS two years back, I wanted to know much more about this HSCT. Would it be possible for me to call you and talk about this at your convenience.


  2. Hey it’s Miles from GS, just wanted to let you know I’m very happy and excited for ya. Also happy late birthday! Looking forward to hearing more from ya 🙂

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