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Day +24 There’s no place like home!

This morning at 7am Prof Novitzky stopped by for his final examination of me before discharging me. After a last breakfast I quickly packed and after receiving my bag of TTO (more on that later), I was out of there. Since my release I have had 2 naps, lunch and dinner. Now I look forward […]

Day +19 – Day +23

In the last couple of days nothing much has happened, except sitting around waiting for my low grade fever to subside. Countless chest x-rays have shown that the infection is not in my lungs. As last effort prof Novitsky instructed Dr van Niekerk to remove the Hickman line. To replace the Hickman line they gave […]

Day 17 + 18

My celebrations were premature. They took me off the anti biotic and within the 24 hours I showed a temprature. Now I am back on anti biotics until they can figure out what is causing the fever. Later today they will do yet another chest x-ray to look at my lungs and also an abdominal […]

Day 15 + 16

Two almost uneventful days, I am now just biding my time, waiting for a fever free 24 hours. I almost had it yesterday but for one spike at 2pm. So far, today has been good, 20 hours fever free! After this, they will take me off the antibiotics and then I need another 24 hours. […]

Day +14

My day started with a bang at 2 o’clock when I had to call the nurses to bring me a bedpan so I could have a bowel movement of epic proportions – 11 days worth of food intake. After that I slept soundly. At breakfast I think I over ate, when I was almost done […]

Day +11 – Day +13

Saturday My parents and I had a great chat with Prof Novitzky regarding the treatment, my process and also the need for this treatment for other MSers. What impressed me most of the way he does the treatment is that most of the medication are preemptive rather than responsive. An example he gave was the […]

Update: Day +8 – Day +10

Day +8 update Until recently blood count values as represented by a laboratory report were only meaningless numbers to me. Now, during my treatment it is starting to make sense as any upward or downward fluctuation in the values has a major impact on my treatment and ultimately on my recovery. I received excellent news […]