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Day +6

I was tired the whole day, slept a lot which is good for my body for recovering. Temperature between 36,5 C – 38,2 C, still on two antibiotic’s. They gave me platelets this afternoon. Haemoglobin dropped again, will receive another unit of blood tonight. Continued with nutrition IV. Lost 4 kg during the past few days and is now down to 64 kg.
Prof. Novitsky started Neupogen injections today to stimulate the production of new stem cells
I am grateful for the support of my parents. My father, always the technical guy double checks my IV lines to ensure that everything is running smoothly. My mother is like a mother hen with a single chick, it is mouth hygiene, ointment on the areas affected by the rash (very itchy) and taking care of all my pressure points to prevent bed sores.
My Christmas tree!!!


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