Day +8

Managed to drink two protein shakes today. Haemoglobin is low again; receive another unit of blood as well as a Neupogen injection.
I am feeling well, just lying in bed, visualizing the bright future.


5 comments on “Day +8

  1. Hi Mr B! following your every step! thinking of you and wishing you strength, endurance, hope, courage, faith and above all feel the love! go go go never ever give up – almost almost…..

  2. hang in there, it will work! Thinking of you. Love Erica

  3. Hi there, I was just thinking of you today, and wondering how you are. You are a fighter and a survivor, good to hear you are battling on.
    Kind regards

  4. HI I have been following your treatment the whole time I have MS myself’

    Can you please send me the Doctors contact details


    Yolanda Joubert

    LimCo QS, Arbitration & Project Management

    F 086 618 6990

    C 083 289 0280

    E limco@tzaneen.co.za

    B-BBEE Status Level – Level 4

    100% BEE Procurement Recognition

    Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image003.jpg@01CBB8A1.1977ACF0

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