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Info about my room

Based on the experience of everyone that have reached this point in their HSCT protocol I expect that the next few days will not be very pleasant. Prof. Novitsky asked me twice during my initial visit if I want to proceed with the treatment. Of course I want to proceed!!! There was no doubt / reluctance from me!!!
My room does not only have a beautiful view but is also equipped with a laminar airflow system. All the rooms in the hematology protected environment wards are functioning as save reverse isolation units through a positive pressure system to prevent external contamination. The laminar airflow system is there for my protection and function on the same principle as the units that are normally used in theater during surgery. It is important for me to spend as much time as possible under the laminar flow and particularly important to remain under the laminar airflow unit when there is anybody else in the room with me.
Visitors are limited to 2 individuals per session and must remove all clothing except underwear and shoes and dress in theatre attire provided. Before entering the unit one must thoroughly wash his hands with neutral detergent provided and before entering my room one should wash his hands again, spray the hands and forearms with some D-germ which is an antiseptic spray.


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