Update: Day +8 – Day +10

Day +8 update
Until recently blood count values as represented by a laboratory report were only meaningless numbers to me. Now, during my treatment it is starting to make sense as any upward or downward fluctuation in the values has a major impact on my treatment and ultimately on my recovery.
I received excellent news from Dr. Van Niekerk, my WBC is 0.1. If it wasn’t for my ears my smile would have been all-round. This is excellent news at it is evidence that my body is capable of producing blood cells.
Day +9
WBC is 0.2 today. No need for redbloodcells or platelets. Oops, forget to mention earlier that since my Haemoglobin started to drop my physical exercise has been restricted to stretch and bed exercises as my physiotherapist does not consider cycling as suitable.
Day +10
Production of WBC is still on the increase and WBC level reached 0.5. Unfortunately Haemoglobin and platelets are low again and received one unit each. Temperature is fluctuating but the good news is that it is being brought under control rapidly. Achieved another breakthrough against mucositis as I have been able to eat some jelly and custard.
There really isn’t much to report except that God is good, Cape Town is lovely and I am feeling well!


3 comments on “Update: Day +8 – Day +10

  1. So glad you are sounding great! Have a beautiful Sunday.

  2. Such good news! It looks like things are going to just get better and better for you 🙂 Send a picture of the kind of custard you are eating, here in the States we don’t hear that word too often 🙂

  3. THUMBS UP!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Way to Go! I am so happy and excited for you friend.

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