Day +11 – Day +13

My parents and I had a great chat with Prof Novitzky regarding the treatment, my process and also the need for this treatment for other MSers. What impressed me most of the way he does the treatment is that most of the medication are preemptive rather than responsive. An example he gave was the anti nausea medicine that I have been receiving from the start even though I have never felt nauseous. According to Prof, it is better to keep the drug in the blood at such level and patient nausea free than to administer it to a patient who is nauseas and then wait 3 – 4 hours for it to work.
WBC was 0.5k with no fever the whole day!
Lazy Sunday, not much going on in the ward so I just relaxed.
Until Brian the physio showed up, who worked me hard, stretching all my muscles and making me cycle hard. Well, I pushed myself more than he did, but it was a good workout.
WBC was 1.1k, again no fever!
I had a nice lunch of toasted cheese sandwich, followed by grilled hake for supper.
toasted cheese
At 6 o’clock observations I had a fever of 38.0, by 10 o’clock it had gone down to 36.4. Since then it has never gone above 37.2. Neither Dr van Niekerk nor the nursing staff could explain it.
I forgot to order porridge for breakfast, so all I received was a piece of sausage and some scrambled egg. Good thing I am on IV feeding as that would not have held me to lunch…
Which was a tuna bake with jelly and custard for dessert. Here’s my delicious tuna bake and a photo of me enjoying my custard.
In the afternoon, I had a great workout with Aisha. She brought a 1.5kg weight and it is amazing how it was as difficult as my 10kg workouts were a year ago. But I will get to that level again, and I am determined to go beyond that.
WBC is 2.1k (Prof requires >4k for discharge) and my neutrophils are 0.6 (>0.5 for discharge). Standing in my way of discharge, other than my WBC, is 24 hours fever free; off my 5 kinds of antibiotics and weaned from my IV feeding.
No blood for today, only platelets late this afternoon, temperature 37.4C at 20h00.


2 comments on “Day +11 – Day +13

  1. Hi Bernard, I would so have loved to meet you. I was diagnosed with MS August 2002. I don’t have it half as bad as you, but I remember how it felt when I was lying in that hospital bed and all this 21 year old doctors were pricking me and using me as an experiment. I eventually started telling them what the test are called…..LOL
    My last relapse I’ve had was October 2006… yipppeee. I have 2 spots on my brain and 3 on my spine. I stopped my Avonex the 5 November which I’ve been on since my last relapse, and to date no side effects (keeping my fingers crossed). I hope you love your tshirt my husband made, apparently there is another 1 you want (looking forward to that one) ….. Keep your positive spirit, drive and faith. You really an inspiration to me and I’m sure you will be to a lot more people.

    We will keep you in our prayers and close to our hearts.

    Best Regards,
    Tanya & Roger

    • Hi Tanya, yes it would be nice to meet you too, might have some more work for Roger early next year and will arrange so I can meet you too then.

      Wonderful to hear you are relapse free, I pray that it stays that way!

      All of the best and see you soon 🙂

      PS thank Roger for the great work he did, love my T!

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