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Day +14

My day started with a bang at 2 o’clock when I had to call the nurses to bring me a bedpan so I could have a bowel movement of epic proportions – 11 days worth of food intake. After that I slept soundly.
At breakfast I think I over ate, when I was almost done I vomited it all out again. Shortly after I again had to call the nurse again for bedpan and this time it was diarrhea. After cleaning myself up in the shower I spent a good 20 minutes on the toilet cleaning my insides out. They gave me Immodiums and Maxolon.
During Dr. van Niekerk’s visit she explained that it is to be expected as my stomach has to get use to dealing with solid foods after nearly 2 weeks of IV feeding.
At lunch time I ate some of the vegetables and started feeling nauseated again, stopped eating.
The afternoon was spent having a fever of 37.9C and having another chest x-ray to see if my fever may be lung related.
Luckily I did not suffer any additional vomiting or diarrhea during the day and my temperature dropped back to normal at my 16h00 vitals and for dinner I restricted myself to 2 portions of custard and jelly as my stomach was still sensitive.

The best news for the day; my WBC is 4.8.

My parents got me this awesome t-shirt, based on the design I did off my personal mantra for my HSCT journey.


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