Day +19 – Day +23

In the last couple of days nothing much has happened, except sitting around waiting for my low grade fever to subside. Countless chest x-rays have shown that the infection is not in my lungs. As last effort prof Novitsky instructed Dr van Niekerk to remove the Hickman line. To replace the Hickman line they gave me a peripheral IV in my right fore-arm.
After dr Niekerk undid the dressing she scrubbed the surrounding area with disinfectant. She injected local aneasthetic into the area surrounding the line. When it was nice and numb she cut the stitches holding it in place and proceeded to cut it loose. As the line had grown fixed to the surrounding tissue she had to cut a bit more that she wanted to loosen it up. Finally with a gentle tuck it all came out and I was Hickman line free after six weeks.
Then it was a simple procedure of stitching me up. She gave me five stitches and bandaged me up. Since the removal of my line my highest temperature was 36,9 C.
The peripheral IV didn’t last long as this morning it was in the tissue. Luckily Prof Novitsky said at 7h00 that they can remove it and I can go line free until tomorrow when I am discharged!!!!!!!


3 comments on “Day +19 – Day +23

  1. Bernard, ek love dit dat jy nog steeds, na alles, in elke foto die mooiste glimlag gee!

  2. I am glad for you Bernard. Stay safe and stay strong. You are an inspiration. I wish you the very best for your future endeavours.

  3. Congrats Bernard!!!! I know you can’t wait to get out of the hospital, and begin your NEW LIFE free of MS FOREVER!!!! I just had my post transplant 9month check up, and I am in complete remission. My MS has completely stopped, and my body is getting better with every passing day. I am stable, so I don’t have to go back until July 2013 when I will have another MRI performed. The HSCT saved my life because my neurologist didn’t think I would be alive right now, and especially not walking without assistance and enjoying every day. I am grateful for my new life without MS, and I know you will feel this joy very soon too. Congrats to you!

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