3 Months later

Last week saw my 3 month post transplant anniversary. I was doing well and my headaches are less and I haven’t had nocturnal incontinence since I have stopped using the condom catheter, but about 3 weeks ago I started developing ulcers on my cheeks at the back of my mouth. The ENT doctor I saw gave me Flagyl, Meiact (Cefditoren Pifozil), Augmentin, Daktarin oral gel and Gengigel, they started getting better  but were  still painful when eating and slow to heal. In this last week I have been weak, little appetite and no energy.

I went for a full blood count and this was the report I received:

WBC                      1.65
LYM                      0.69
MID                      0.18
GRA                      0.78
LY%                     41.7
MI%                     11.1
GR%                     47.2

RBC                      3.62
HGB                     11.2
HCT                     30.5
MCV                      84
MCH                      31.1
MCHC                   36.6
RDVC                     12.7

PLT                         271
PCT                        0.19
MPV                      7.1
PDWC                   39.3

Diagnostic messages:



In an email conversation with Prof Novitzky, he said he sees mild leukopenia (low white cells) but the rest of the blood elements appear OK and prescribed Acyclovir 400 mg 8 hourly x 5 for what he thinks might be Herpes ulcers in my mouth.

Since taking the Acyclovir I have noticed a bit of improvement in my mouth, but still very weak. We will see how it goes after I have completed said medication

My mother also noticed that a characteristic smell that I had, although not unpleasant, has gone since the chemo.

There are some changes that I have now noticed, tried my best to photograph them:

My eyebrows are a darker red than before


My hair is also darker; it would appear black but will have to wait for it to be thicker to see


So is my chest hair and where my Hickman line was removed has healed quite nicely


My finger nails have white bands on them that started growing out post chemo


Now I know there are 2 questions on everyone’s mind:
Did it work? Too soon to say
Was it worth it? Yes!


5 comments on “3 Months later

  1. Bernard, It is absolutely amazing listening to your report back! I am proud of what you have achieved through all of the hardship to get where you are now, you have done incredibly well. You are really super courageous person – may you remain Blessed and go from strength to strength albeit you are battling a few hiccups like the sores for now. Bless you now and always xxx 🙂 Non

  2. I hope that the mouth ulcers clear up soon. They are not pleasant at all. May you become stronger with each passing week. Your body has been through quite a process, so it will need time to recover. All the best, Bernard!

  3. I am very happy to heat that you are doing better. All of the new hair must be a reminder that you have a “new” body and with MS stopped- a new future 🙂 Great job and I look forward to future postings of your new adventures!

  4. You are a champ and a absolute inspiration to us all!!! All the best and I just know you are going to go from good to great!

  5. Hi Bernard – any update? You must be 6 or 7 months post by now – are things improving?

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