Cost of HSCT

A lot of people have asked me what my HSCT had cost, and up until recently I have not had a clear answer as some of the accounts only came in at the start of March. But I think that all accounts have now been payed, so I can give you the final cost:

Pre-op lung function – Prof Willcox R 309.95
Pre-op ECG R 612.22
Hickman line R 2,625.85
In Hospital
                   Ward fees R 173,400.00
                   Ward drugs R 10,297.76
                   Ward extras R 8,680.60
                   Dispensary drugs R 141,181.42
                   Ward x-rays R 571.07
                   Bloodworks R 25,798.48
                   Bloodinfusions R 57,885.00
Prof Novitzky and Dr van Niekerk R 90,054.00
Total R 511,416.35

At today’s exchange rate, it is 55,688.13 USD

If anyone is interested in HSCT in South Africa, please contact Prof Novitzky at Nicolas.Novitzky@uct.ac.za


2 comments on “Cost of HSCT

  1. Hi Bernard I am emailing from New Zealand. Dr Novitzky has just given me the thumbs up for getting HSCT in Cape Town next year. I am so excited but a little nervous at the same time. I would love to be able to catch up with you and ask some questions, find out how you are now etc. I don’t know of anyone else who has had this treatment at the Cape Town clinic so if you were able to contact me I would so greatly appreciate this as I’m sure you could understand. I hope this message finds you living and loving life! If you are happy for me to contact you could you please leave me your phone number and a suitable contact time. Thanks in advance – I look forward to catching up.
    Kind Regards
    Nikki (NZ)

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