Almost a year

It is almost a year now since I have had HSCT for my MS. There has been some positive development but nothing drastic; most notably my bowel and bladder incontinence, fatigue and my headaches.

I have also been gymming hard these last 4 months, trying to get my balance back to how it was.

But I would say that the greatest change that the HSCT has brought on is that I have not had a relapse since!


4 comments on “Almost a year

  1. how nice to hear from you, are u still in Saudi? Or in SA? The solar project has started on the farm and everyone is running about….good news. Strongs, thinking of you, Erica

  2. Hi there not sure if you still maintain this blog. I hope you do because I am considering HSCT and it seems like you are the only other person who has undergone HSCT in South Africa which is where I am looking to get the procedure. Undoubtably there are others and I was wondering if you knew of any forums or people who may be interested in sharing their journeys with me?

    I hope you are doing well and look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Lita

      I was the first and so far only person to have had it done in South Africa, although I would highly recommend it!
      I have sent you an invitation to the HSCT Facebook page, there you will find lots of helpful people. All of the best.

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