Two years and every day better than the last

It has been 2 years since my HSCT and 10 years since my MS diagnosis. In the last 2 years I have not had a single relapse and I have had no worsening of symptoms. This indicates that my MS has been halted. My balance, cognitive function, fatigue and muscle tone has improved, which indicates that there are improvements happening and that there may be more to come.

Overall, I am healthier and my quality of live is a lot better than it was. It was by no means an easy procedure to endure, but I have no regrets and would do it again if faced with that same choice.

2 comments on “Two years and every day better than the last

  1. Hi I just want to say my piece I have had ms for 24 years and have relapsing remitting MS . I think we have to be careful not to think that this will work for everyone. I have been on beta feron injections for 14 years and since using this drug have never had a SIGNIFICANT episode since . I want to warn people that there are conflicting results from using this procedure as per the united states medical research uk Canada and Australia. it can also be dangerous!!!!!! People please do your research before proceding with something that is unproven and unsupported and also very very Expensive, placebo is a very good thing when we are desperate and afraid. please be careful and make sure you have a MRI this is the only true way to see if anything is changing if you chose to go ahead.

    please make sure you try all other drugs before resorting to HSCT
    KEEP MOVING ie execise daily this includes your brain!
    Everyone with MS is different so don’t compare yourself to others
    stay Cool relax and be happy
    if Mr Ms knocks on your door don’t ignore him ie rest if fatigued, if you don’t Mr Ms will bang the door down and you will be worse (24 years experiencehas taught me this)

    I suppose you want to know how im doing im great even though I sometimes walk with a cane and have fatigue etc etc .No im not lucky I work hard to keep him at bay
    Love to all and wishing for your good health and happiness

    Kathy Goldcoast Australia, aged 63 diagnosed aged 39

  2. Bernard I am very glad to hear this news. I am with you 100% and would have chosen the same had I been in your shoes. You were courageous and endured a l.o.t.! you are better off then you would have been and that is reason enough to celebrate (which I do for you 🙂 ) many times when I think of you. My wish is that you will continue to grow stronger over time. lots of love xx to new horizons xx

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