Prof Novitzky’s contact details

I have been asked by a couple of people for Prof Novitzky’s contact details, so here it is: E-mail: Nicolas.Novitzky@uct.ac.za Phone: +27 21 404 3073 Advertisements

Two years and every day better than the last

It has been 2 years since my HSCT and 10 years since my MS diagnosis. In the last 2 years I have not had a single relapse and I have had no worsening of symptoms. This indicates that my MS has been halted. My balance, cognitive function, fatigue and muscle tone has improved, which indicates […]

Almost a year

It is almost a year now since I have had HSCT for my MS. There has been some positive development but nothing drastic; most notably my bowel and bladder incontinence, fatigue and my headaches. I have also been gymming hard these last 4 months, trying to get my balance back to how it was. But […]

Cost of HSCT

A lot of people have asked me what my HSCT had cost, and up until recently I have not had a clear answer as some of the accounts only came in at the start of March. But I think that all accounts have now been payed, so I can give you the final cost: Pre-op […]

General update Day +50

It has been almost 3 weeks since my discharge and last blog post… I am bad at hiving updates, I know. Shortly after my discharge I went for follow up bloods and visit with Prof Novitzky and he told me that my blood levels are excellent and that I am no longer neutropenic! He also […]

Day 2 of Busulfex

Update for yesterday, day 2 of Busulfex Prof Novitzky visited, checked my legs and lungs, prescribed saline nebulizer just to keep the mucus layers nice and clammy for prevention. Discussed my white blood count for the first time, he is happy that it went up 9 fold normal values and also happy that it came […]

Dammam to Dubai, Dubai to Cape Town

They must have heard of my imminent celebrity status at the airports, for at the mention of my name queues were jumped and doors were opened. Granted, the opening of doors was to enable my wheelchair to go through, but going past the line of waiting passengers to the very front and getting special treatment […]